Temperature as a contaminant in streams in the Auckland region, stormwater issues and management options

Damian Young, Emily Afoa, Kirsten Meijer, Annika Wagenhoff, Christian Utech, Morphum Environmental
Auckland Council Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit, RIMU
Publication date:

Water temperature influences all aspects of freshwater ecosystem function. Modified water temperature regimes can alter physical habitat conditions (e.g. algal blooms) and cause a wide variety of behavioural and physiological responses through to death. Consequently, maintaining suitable thermal conditions is critical to stream health.

This report summarises existing literature discussing the thermal effects of stormwater runoff, details the temperature regimes in a range of Auckland stream catchments, and places the ‘Water Temperature Criteria for Native Aquatic Biota’ (Olsen et al 2011) report in an Auckland context. In addition, a review of stormwater management options and devices for temperature mitigation identifies those which mitigate the effects of heated water on stream ecology and recommends solutions for the Auckland region. Information gaps have been identified and suggestions made for future research and monitoring.

Auckland Council technical report TR2013/044

Last updated: 2018-07-02