Sedimentation in the Okura- Weiti-Karepiro Bay system

A Swales, M Gibbs, R Ovenden, R Budd, N Hermansphan
Auckland Regional Council
Publication date:

The ARC has identified that future land-use changes in the catchments of the Weiti and Okura estuaries have the potential to have adverse environmental effects on receiving estuarine and coastal environments. Potential land-use changes include the harvesting of the Weiti Forestry Block (WFB), which discharges to both estuaries as well as Karepiro Bay (Fig. 1). As part of a proposed monitoring plan, ARC commissioned NIWA to provide background information on sedimentation and sediment sources to the Okura-Weiti- Karepiro system.

The specific objectives of the present study are:

-collect and analyse cores and make an initial assessment of sedimentation in the Okura and Weiti estuaries and adjacent Karepiro Bay over the last 50 years or so

- collect catchment and estuary sediment samples for determination of recent sediment sources using the compound specific isotope (CSI) technique.

Auckland Regional Council TR2008/026

NIWA client report: HAM2008-153

NIWA project ARC08220

Last updated: 2018-07-02