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In partnership with the remainder of the Auckland Council family, ATEED has an interest in promoting increased levels of prosperity within the region by supporting activities that increase residents’ access to employment opportunities.

This can be done by supporting the growth of existing businesses, attracting new businesses in competitive sectors, and improving the access for residents to existing employment opportunities. This may also involve acquiring additional skills or advocating transport improvements that provide access to employment in other parts of the city.

While Auckland has benefited from economic growth, the distribution of those benefits has not been shared equally across the region. There is a need to focus on areas of lower prosperity, notably southern and western Auckland. To make best use of resources, the actions of the council family should focus on those areas where interventions have most scope for improvement, by either addressing a weakness an area has or exploiting a strength.

This report identifies areas where the region experiences lower levels of prosperity, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of those areas. Analysis is provided at the local board level - the lowest level for which reliable data is available across a range of social and economic indicators. For reasons of data availability, the Great Barrier Local Board area is not reported across all domains and indicators.

The report provides evidence to help inform effective interventions by policy and decision makers in the region. It is based on a Prosperity Index report produced by Infometrics for ATEED, as well as other insights in to the local board areas.

Auckland Prosperity Index



Last updated: 2018-05-14