Auckland Unitary Plan stormwater management provisions: technical basis of contaminant and volume management requirements

Auckland Council
Auckland Council Stomwater Unit
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The purpose of this report is to outline the key aspects of the stormwater management approach in the Unitary Plan and to provide the technical and scientific evidence base and requirements to support the provisions that have been developed in relation to land use controls that manage stormwater contaminants and stormwater volume/flow. These land use controls are a part of a broader suite of stormwater management provisions within the Unitary Plan. However, they are the specific focus of this report as:

1. They are new requirements that change the approach to managing stormwater contaminants and flows and the report provides the reasons and technical basis for this change;

2. They require some technical explanation to assist in their implementation.

This report is not an assessment prepared in accordance with s32 of the RMA – it is focussed on the technical aspects of the stormwater contaminant and volume/flow requirements and their derivation. However, it should be read in conjunction with the Unitary Plan s32 assessment, which summarises the planning process, assessment of options and provides and analysis of objectives, policies and rules and an assessment of the costs and benefits of the proposed statutory approach.

Auckland Council technical report, TR2013/035

Last updated: 2018-06-07