Aucklanders and the arts. Attitudes, attendance and participation in Auckland 2017. Auckland summary report

Colmar Brunton, Creative New Zealand
Colmar Brunton | Creative New Zealand
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This report presents findings on Aucklanders’ attitudes towards, attendance at and participation in the arts. Engagement includes both attendance at six different art forms and and active participation in these arts forms.

The art forms include:

  • Visual arts
  • Literary arts
  • Craft and object art
  • Pacific arts
  • Performing arts
  • Māori arts.

The research findings are taken from the New Zealanders and the Arts Survey (for Creative New Zealand). Auckland Council commissioned additional interviews in Auckland, to enable deeper analysis of its residents. It also commissioned additional questions to explore specific areas of interest for the council.

The insights from this report will be used by the council to help inform the development of our strategies, policies and plans for investing in arts and culture.

This report provides a summary of the findings contained in the full New Zealanders and the Arts: Attitudes, attendance and participation in Auckland in 2017 report.

Last updated: 2018-05-23