Convergence and disruption. Auckland's tech opportunity

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Over the last 20 years the advent of the Internet, increased digitization, and smart technology have radically changed the way we work, live and relate to each other. Today, we stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter our human and business behaviours further and shape the future function of the global economy. This technological revolution is being driven by a global tech sector that is developing and commercialising these technologies.

New Zealand’s tech scene is thriving. With more than 28,000 tech firms and a labour force of almost 100,000, the tech sector is playing an increasingly important role in the national economy. A productive and globally competitive sector, its ongoing growth, the development of internationally competitive companies, and embedding the use of disruptive technologies across other industries, are key priorities for supporting future economic growth.

The March 2016 New Zealand Government’s Business Growth Agenda report ‘Building a Digital Nation’ highlights this importance. This report identifies objectives of a thriving and growing digital sector and embedding tech expertise and enabling innovation across other sectors of the economy, and outlines a series of actions to support these.

With almost half of New Zealand’s tech firms and labour force located in Auckland, it has a vital role to play in the ongoing development of the national tech story. This Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) insights paper seeks to examine the Auckland tech opportunity in more detail. This paper is informed by research undertaken in 2016 by NZTech and Auckland- specific research led by ATEED.

This paper leads on from the first two papers in our Economic Insights Series. It provides a short overview of the Auckland tech sector and presents insights on current tech areas of advantage for Auckland. It examines the opportunities presented by these technologies, including how Auckland can capitalise on these to support ongoing competitiveness in a global market, generating enhanced economic growth and prosperity outcomes for Auckland.

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