Housing action plan stage 1

Auckland Council
Publication date:

The Auckland Plan acknowledges that solving Auckland‟s housing crisis requires all sectors which influence housing supply, affordability, quality and choice to work together. One of the Directives in the Auckland Plan is to develop and deliver on a multi sector strategic housing action plan to address Auckland‟s housing issues. This Action Plan is Stage 1 of that multi sector housing action plan. Stage 1 generally identifies the non-regulatory tools and levers that council can use to influence housing.

The numbering of the priority areas and actions does not necessarily indicate the importance nor priority for implementation. It is also acknowledged that a number of actions need to be developed as integrated packages, whilst some actions may be mutually exclusive.

The council has five key roles: facilitator (F); planning authority (P); service provider (SP); regulator (R) and advocate (A).

This Action Plan has a particular focus on the non-regulatory tools council can use to facilitate and improve the provision of housing.

Last updated: 2018-03-13