Assessment of the ecological condition of 32 lakes in the Auckland region using LakeSPI

Mary de Winton, Tracey Edwards
Auckland Regional Council
Publication date:

The Auckland Regional Council (ARC) contracted NIWA to assess the ecological condition of 32 lakes within the Auckland region using LakeSPI (Submerged Plant Indicators). LakeSPI was developed according to Ministry for the Environment agreed criteria for freshwater indicators, for the establishment of long-term baselines for lake state of the environment reporting, and to monitor trends over time. A three phase exercise was undertaken for the ARC that identified lakes with sufficient information to assess current condition using LakeSPI (Phase 1), carried out LakeSPI surveys for additional lakes selected by the ARC (Phase 2) and prepared a report detailing all LakeSPI information for the Auckland region’s lakes (Phase 3).

Auckland Regional Council, TR2009/011

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Last updated: 2018-02-23