National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity 2016: Housing and business development capacity assessment for Auckland

Auckland Council
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
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Growth pressures and the changing nature of New Zealand’s urban areas have led to the gazetting of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity 2016 (NPS-UDC 2016). The NPS-UDC is designed to provide direction to local councils to help them make informed decisions about planning in urban environments, ensuring that they “enable urban environments to grow and change in response to the changing needs of the communities, and future generations; and provide enough space for their populations to happily live and work...." (NPS-UDC 2016, page 3)

The NPS-UDC covers both housing and business, and seeks to make sure that planning decisions are made with evidence and understanding of land and development markets, and that planning enables enough supply of housing and business space to meet current and future demand.

The NPS-UDC requires local authorities to carry out a housing and business development capacity assessment. This assessment, the first under the NPS-UDC 2016, was completed for Auckland in December 2017.

This report includes assessments of:

  • The demand for housing
  • The capacity for additional dwellings enabled through the Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in Part (AUPOIP)
  • Plan enabled residential capacity that is commercially feasible
  • Take up of residential capacity
  • The sufficiency of housing capacity to meet demand
  • Demand for business land and space
  • Capacity for business space under the AUPOIP, and
  • Reconciliation between the housing and business assessments is also made, including analysis of their spatial interaction.

Under the NPS-UDC Auckland Council is required to produce a housing and business development assessment (HBA) at least every three years; the next version of this assessment is due to be completed in 2020, however due to the recent release of region wide valuations data and clarification of some details from the property industry regarding costs in the feasibility model, this component will be rerun early in the 2018.

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