NIWA Auckland region climate change projections erratum

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Erratum for Auckland region climate change projections and impacts, Auckland Council technical report TR2017/030 

Erratum superseded and replaced in January 2018 by revised technical reports Auckland region climate change projections and impacts, Auckland Council technical report TR2017/030-2 and Auckland region climate change projections and impacts. Summary, TR2017/031-2

NIWA Climate Projections Erratum

14 December 2017

Please note the strong signal for temperature-related climate fields in the northwest of the region is due to a grid cell error in the regional downscaling bias correction process. This error was inherited from the NIWA national-scale modelling results that the report was built on. We are working to rectify this issue as soon as possible. The following areas are possibly affected, and should not be used in the interim:

• Section 3.1.2 (including Figures 3-4 to 3-9 and Table 3-1 and 3-2)
• Section 3.2.2 (including Figures 3-16 to 3-27)
• Section 3.3.2 (including Figures 3-29 to 3-34)
• Section 3.4.2 (including Figures 3-39 and 3-40)
• Section 3.5.2 (including Figures 3-43 and 3-44)
• Section 3.6 (including Figures 3-45 to 3-47)
• Section 4.8.2 (including Figures 4-46 and 4-47)*
• Section 4.9.2 (including Figures 4-50 to 4-55)*
• Section 8.1.4 (including Figures 8.4 to 8.7)*
• Section 8.1.5 (including Figures 8.11 and 8.12)*
(*impacts on these maps may be insignificant)

This also includes any associated findings highlighted in the key messages, conclusions, executive summary, the summary report, video, maps, and geodatabase components.

Last updated: 2017-12-14