Remapping the extent of Auckland’s wetlands: methods and summary

Grant Lawrence, Craig Bishop
Auckland Council, Research and Evaluation Unit RIMU
Publication date:

This project remapped the extent of Auckland’s wetlands by digitizing the 2010-2011 aerial imagery, as a baseline for further work to monitor change in wetland area over time. It involved using various spatial datasets and aerial imagery to identify and delineate wetland boundaries and classify wetlands by hydrological function (e.g. palustrine, estuarine etc.). A desktop method was chosen for the project as field surveys and remote sensing approaches were considered too intensive and less accurate for small wetlands.

Auckland Council technical report, TR2017/024


The Auckland Wetland layer is not currently available on Auckland Council's web mapping service GeoMaps. The layer will soon be integrated with council’s current ecosystems layer (available on GeoMaps under the ‘Environment’ theme – ‘Biodiversity (Public)’ - ‘Ecosystems Current Extent’).

Auckland Council’s Biodiversity Informatics Team (Environmental Services Department) is managing the integration process which will involve additional specialist input and field validation. For more information please send your questions to

Last updated: 2017-10-17