A value of the urban realm toolkit for Auckland? Case study research into applying the Transport for London VURT methodology in Auckland, New Zealand

Stuart Houghton, Michael Nettleship, Olivia Johnstone
Boffa Miskell, Auckland Design Office, Auckland Council
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This report sets out the findings of urban design research into an economic evaluation tool developed by Transport for London, known as the Valuing Urban Realm Toolkit 2016 (VURT). The tool was developed to ascribe a monetary value to the investment cities make in the urban realm.

The research documented in this report, which took the form of three case studies for different streetscape locations and future development scenarios within Auckland’s city centre, was carried out by Boffa Miskell urban designers in the first quarter of 2017. The work has been the result of a collaborative partnership between Boffa Miskell and the Auckland Design Office City Centre Unit at Auckland Council and has fed into a wider programme of work on the Economics of Place being undertaken by the City Centre Design Unit.

This report provides a comprehensive account of the case study research. Part 1 sets out the context of the problem with ascribing value to the urban realm, sets out what the VURT tool is and how it works, the approach taken to identifying and undertaking the three case studies, and summarising the key findings of the case studies themselves. The full results and working data for each of the case studies is included as a technical appendix to this report.



Last updated: 2017-10-12