Low impact design manual for the Auckland region

Earl Shaver, Beca Valuations Ltd, Harrison Grierson, Julie Turner, Auckland Regional Council
Auckland Regional Council
Publication date:

The primary purpose of this document is to present an alternative approach to site design and development from a stormwater management context, primarily applicable for residential land development. Its basis is founded in the recognition that the volume of stormwater discharged from a site may be of equal importance to limiting contaminant discharge, especially for residential development. The low impact design approach is another stormwater management tool for reducing the adverse impacts of stormwater runoff.

It is not intended that the approach will become mandated by the ARC. There may be development situations where it will be difficult for other approaches to provide the same level of protection for downstream receiving waters, but the decision as to the stormwater management approach rests with the site developer as long as there is an approach to stormwater management which can provide similar benefits and protection to receiving waters.

Auckland Regional Council technical publication, TP124

First edition, April 2000.


Last updated: 2017-09-25