Erosion and sediment control guidelines for land disturbing activities in the Auckland region

Auckland Regional Council
Auckland Regional Council
Publication date:

The intent of these Guidelines is as follows:

To provide a comprehensive guideline of erosion and sediment control.

To detail the rules of the Proposed regional plan: sediment control.

To minimise adverse environmental effects of sediment discharge through appropriate use and design of specific measures.

Auckland Regional Council technical publication, TP90 TP090 

First edition, March 1999.

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Erosion and sediment control - Auckland Design Manual

​​​​This guideline, also known as GD05, supports this overall vision and target by providing technical guidance for the selection, design and use of erosion and sediment​ control (ESC) practices and measures for a range of land disturbing activities in an Auckland context.

This guideline updates and replaces ‘Auckland Regional Council Technical Publication Number 90 Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines for Land Disturbing Activities in the Auckland Region’ (1999, and 2007 update), known as TP90.


Last updated: 2017-09-25