Measuring pedestrian delay

MRCagney Pty Ltd, Peter Nunns
MRCagney | Auckland Design Office, Auckland Council
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Measuring pedestrian congestion in the Auckland city centre – technical report

The purpose of this report is to quantify pedestrian delay at signalised intersections in the Auckland city centre, which are a significant contributor to delays and inconvenience experienced by people walking in the city centre. Our methodology is based upon the NZ Transport Agency’s (2016) Economic Evaluation Manual, which provides guidance on valuing travel time delays incurred by transport users, regardless of mode of travel.

The results in this report can be compared with estimates of the cost of congestion for other road users (ie people in cars or buses). This methodology could also be extended to identify the effect of changes to intersection signal timing on pedestrian delay, which could contribute to a holistic assessment of the effects for all road users, including people in buses, cars, and on foot.

Last updated: 2017-09-20