Taking stock: the demand for social housing in New Zealand

Alan Johnson
Salvation Army
Publication date:

Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit. 

How much social housing do we need?

The question of how much social housing we need in Aotearoa New Zealand is something of a ‘wicked problem’—one that relies on first answering a number of conditional questions. These questions include the extent and nature of unmet housing need, and the resolution of that fundamental question of how best to help those people and households at risk of housing-related poverty. Any final answer will most likely still be conditional and is only as good as the reliability and plausibility of the underlying assumptions used.

Social housing is housing allocated to people on the basis of their need, mostly to those with the greatest unmet housing need. Some definitions include a requirement that social housing is owned by central or local government, but this is not necessarily the case. Most often, social housing does receive direct subsidies from government to meet operating expenses or capital costs, or even both. ...

Last updated: 2017-08-18