A history of Te Maketu

Lucy Mackintosh
Auckland Regional Council
Publication date:

Te Maketu is a place with a long and rich human history. The Maketu Pā Historic Reserves contain the remains of Māori and European settlement and of native forest. They are located in Ramarama, in the Franklin District.

The Reserves together comprise almost 12 hectares of land on three separate lots within a few hundred metres of each other. The Cemetery Reserve (on Pratt’s Road) is open to the public. It has an early European cemetery, the remains of a pā and a small waterfall and swimming hole. Much of the Reserve is covered in native forest. The other two Reserves are not currently open to the public. The Opaheke Reserve (also on Pratt’s Road) has the remains of a pā and is currently being grazed. The Peach Hill Reserve (on Peach Hill Road) also has the remains of a pā, which has since been quarried. Some of this Reserve is being grazed, but it also has some native forest.

This publication focuses upon historic and archaeological records of Māori and European occupation relating to Te Maketu. The publication has been summarised in a booklet entitled ‘Te Maketu – Our History’, as part of a series on local history in the Auckland Region. The booklet includes a map of the Reserves and information on how to get to there.

Auckland Regional Council technical publication, TP197 June 2003

Last updated: 2017-07-25