Mayoral housing taskforce report

Auckland Mayoral Housing Taskforce
Mayor of Auckland
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Over the next 30 years, Auckland’s population is expected to increase by up to a million people. This growth is an opportunity both for the city and New Zealand as a whole, but it comes with challenges.

Auckland has to ensure an adequate supply of housing to meet this demand or face growing housing shortages, continued soaring house prices and a fall in home ownership, growing unaffordability of rents, and increased homelessness.

Improving housing affordability and choice would make Auckland more attractive to the workers and businesses needed to make New Zealand's biggest city more productive, vibrant and wealthier in the long run. Auckland's housing supply challenge is also New Zealand's economic growth opportunity.

Things must be done differently than in the past to meet this challenge. This means building new housing at a faster pace and larger scale, providing a wider choice of affordable homes, ranging from traditional standalone homes to terraced homes and midrise apartments, and ensuring a quality built environment.

In response to this challenge, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff established a Housing Taskforce to:
- identify barriers and constraints to building more homes in Auckland at a pace and scale which meets the demand created by population growth
- identify options and make recommendations to overcome those barriers and constraints.

The primary focus of the Taskforce is on housing supply, rather than factors affecting housing demand, such as tax and immigration policy. ...


The report makes recommendations in three key areas:

- developing at scale, which includes building through the dips

- unlocking the availability of land with appropriate zoning and infrastructure

- enabling efficiency and innovation in consenting and risk management.

Last updated: 2017-06-12