Auckland economic quarterly May 2017

Auckland Council Chief Economist's Office
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Funding Auckland’s growth

  • Rapid growth in Auckland has created demand for a lot more infrastructure.
  • New bulk infrastructure worth billions of dollars is required to facilitate growth.
  • Traditional options for funding infrastructure don’t fit Auckland’s situation, so more innovative solutions will need to be implemented to deliver the infrastructure we need.

Auckland is growing rapidly. In the year to June 2017, the city is expected to grow by around 45,000, the third consecutive year of this level of growth. That is equivalent to adding a Tauranga to Auckland in three years.

It is fantastic that our city is a place where people want to live, but it also creates challenges. Infrastructure – roads, stormwater, wastewater and fresh water supply for instance – is under pressure from the demand of this burgeoning population.

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Last updated: 2017-06-12