Auckland’s rainbow communities: challenges and opportunities

Alison Reid, Liz Ennor, Penny Lysnar
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
Publication date:

Auckland Council is committed to supporting a strong, inclusive and equitable society that ensures opportunities for all Aucklanders, as outlined in the Auckland Plan, council’s long-term vision for the future of Auckland (Auckland Council, 2012). The Auckland Plan specifically identifies that Auckland’s Rainbow communities are an important part of Auckland’s diversity, and reinforces the importance of ensuring that they have equal opportunities to participate and contribute in Auckland’s daily life.  

The focus of this report is on Auckland’s vibrant and diverse rainbow communities and the purpose of the project was to review the available literature in order to

- outline key challenges that rainbow communities in Auckland face, on an individual and collective level;

- identify gaps in the current literature; and

- identify opportunities for further responses by Auckland Council.

‘Rainbow communities’ is a broad umbrella term that covers a diversity of sexual orientations, as well as gender and sex identities. The report deliberately refers to this term throughout, to provide a standardised approach to terminology for ease of readability, and to honour the space that this umbrella term allows for acknowledging difference and diversity.    

Three broad themes that emerged in the literature review are discussed, namely the challenges of visibility; discrimination; and health impacts. Although discussed separately in this report, it is acknowledged that these challenges overlap and intersect with each other to a large degree. ...

Auckland Council technical report, TR2017/012

Last updated: 2017-05-16