Exploring Pacific entrepreneurship: the characteristics and experiences of Pacific entrepreneurs in Auckland

Penelope Tuatagaloa
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
Publication date:

This research project explores Pacific entrepreneurship in Auckland. The research investigates and documents detailed information on Pacific entrepreneurs including insights into their experiences of establishing and running their businesses. By better understanding the characteristics and experiences of Pacific entrepreneurs, it is hoped that local and central government will be better placed to work with communities and businesses to find ways to increase the levels of entrepreneurship among Pacific people in Auckland, and to help them to succeed.

Two background publications were developed to inform this research; firstly a literature review on Pacific entrepreneurship and secondly, a report on Pacific people aged 15 years and over in Auckland who stated they were either self-employed and not employing others (self-employed), or were an employer of other persons in their own business (employers), using 2013 Census data.

The results described in this report are from an online survey completed by 64 Pacific entrepreneurs, as well as from talanoa2 conversations with eight Samoan entrepreneurs, which was conducted over September to November 2016. The project was exploratory in nature, and aimed to investigate the following aspects:

- Demographics of Pacific businesses (with and without employees) in Auckland including business structure, size, age, location and industry sector.

- Demographics of Pacific entrepreneurs (with and without employees) in Auckland including age, place of birth and qualification levels.

- Experiences of Pacific entrepreneurs in Auckland, including the barriers they encounter to growing their business, and organisations they have dealt with for business development advice and funding assistance.

- Samoan entrepreneurs’ experiences of starting up a business in Auckland, their strengths as entrepreneurs, and key business support needs.

Auckland Council technical report, TR2017/010

Last updated: 2017-05-12