Auckland: an emerging knowledge capital of the Asia-Pacific

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Knowledge capitals are the world’s leading knowledge creation centres.  They compete in the highest value-added segments of the economy, relying on their human capital, innovative universities and entrepreneurs, and solid infrastructure connectivity .  Knowledge capitals have well educated populations, productive industries and are international transit hubs. They have high proportions of employment in the knowledge intensive services sectors and whilst having a strong financial and business services sector, often aren’t considered a global financial centre.

As New Zealand’s commercial capital, Auckland displays many of the traits identified above. It has small but significant advanced industries segment, fuelled by a vibrant knowledge intensive services sector; a growing knowledge enabled and well qualified labour force; a strong tertiary education sector; and a growing, diverse and internationally orientated population. It is also a regional financial and business services centre, has a blossoming entrepreneurial ecosystem and is emerging as a key international connectivity hub for the Asia-Pacific. ...

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Last updated: 2017-03-13