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The Auckland of 2016 is a new world city performing on a global stage, with Auckland’s businesses competing internationally for export revenues, talent and investment. Leading this global competitiveness are Auckland’s advanced industries, a diverse group of industries that play an increasingly important role in Auckland’s economic performance.

Having studied the Brookings Institution research series,1 which highlights the role of advanced industries in supporting the economic recovery is the United States since 2009, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) – supported by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) – have sought to apply the learnings from the Brookings approach and to examine the Auckland economy using a different lens.

This research has identified a key segment of the economy, advanced industries, which are defined based on their unique characteristics and differentiated because of the key role they play in Auckland’s economic competitiveness and growth.

These dynamic and diverse industries make a large and increasingly important contribution to the regional economy. They are growing faster, are more productive, pay more, and contribute significantly to Auckland’s international economic linkages. These industries have strong growth prospects and maximising these will be key to sustaining Auckland’s broader economic growth, enhancing Auckland’s competitiveness internationally, and supporting new employment opportunities for Aucklanders.

This publication is the first in a series of insight papers published by ATEED on Auckland’s advanced industries. This paper seeks to summarise the role and importance of these industries and detail opportunities for ATEED, our partners, and other key stakeholders to support their growth.

A further three publications in this series seek to explore in more depth various opportunities within the advanced industry segment. These publications provide insights into the role of investment, technology and trade in realising these growth opportunities, leading to the enhanced competitiveness of the Auckland economy.

Economic Insights Series 1

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