Summary of feedback. Community engagement: local government in Auckland

Local Government Commission
Local Government Commission
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Rodney, Waiheke

This record summarises the feedback the Local Government Commission received during the community engagement programme the Commission held between September and December 2016. The purpose of the engagement was to hear from the Auckland community, particularly residents and/or ratepayers of Rodney and Waiheke Island, about Auckland local government arrangements.

The engagement revealed that many people think improvements could be made to local government arrangements in Auckland to reflect the local needs of more isolated and/or rural areas in Auckland. However, there is a wide variety of views about what improvements are needed and how they could be attained. For example some suggest a separate council for their local area while others want the benefits of being part of Auckland but support enhancements to current local board arrangements.

Among these wide ranging views, a number of common themes emerged. These themes have been used to structure the presentation of feedback in this record as follows:
• Theme 1. Local government that enables local influence and an effective role in decision-making
• Theme 2. Local government that reflects the local context, identity and values
• Theme 3. Local government that communicates well and is responsive
• Theme 4. Local government that delivers fair rates
• Theme 5. Local government that is financially responsible and sustainable
• Theme 6. Local government that supports efficient and effective governance
• Theme 7. Local government that is transparent and accountable to ratepayers
• Theme 8. Local government that delivers quality roading and transport

When the Commission considers the potential options for Auckland local government reorganisation, it must use the criteria set out in Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002. They include considering whether any new council arrangements could be adequately resourced, support efficient performance, comprise a distinct community or communities of interest, and in the case of a regional or unitary authority, enable catchment-based flooding and water management issues to be dealt with effectively.

Feedback in this record is presented separately for Rodney and Waiheke Island.

Last updated: 2017-03-10