Te RIMU tūtahi. Māori responsiveness plan for the Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU) Auckland Council

Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit RIMU
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit RIMU
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Wāhinga Kōrero - Foreword.

Dr Lucy Baragwanath, Manager of the Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU)

As Auckland Council’s Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU provides the mandatory and critical evidence to underpin council’s social, economic, cultural and environmental decision-making. It shares the organisation’s commitment to becoming more responsive to Māori.

Te RIMU Tūtahi provides a blueprint for how we will work together to improve our responsiveness and achieve the transformational shifts laid out in the Auckland Plan, particularly ‘to significantly lift Māori social and economic well-being’. Deeply embedded in RIMU’s culture, it expresses who we are, what we do and our threefold intent in relation to Māori:

- Ethical: acting with integrity, creating rigorous evidence, fulfilling our commitment to Te Tiriti
- Connected: to each other, across disciplines, in relationship with Māori
- Independent and dedicated: standing strong in our evidence, in our vision and in our principles.

RIMU’s vision is to progress the interests and aspirations of Māori in the following ways:

- Building staff competency to support Māori aspirations through research, data and mutual skill exchanges
- Building an understanding of Māori interests and aspirations in RIMU and helping to ensure that this is widely accessible and integrated into the information provided to Auckland’s decision-makers
- Developing and maintaining relationships (within RIMU, within council, with Māori) which help to ensure that research and evidence reflects Māori worldviews, interests and aspirations
- Supporting initiatives that advance Māori data sovereignty: those that increase Māori decision-making about research and data produced about Māori and the environmental, social, economic and land and infrastructure concerns of Māori.

RIMU has a particular role to play:

- Statutory responsibility for monitoring the environment
- Developers and holders of Auckland Council knowledge and evidence
- Capability of the unit by virtue of the breadth, diversity, interdisciplinarity and experience of our people
- Reach across the organisation and beyond.

Listening, understanding and taking action are our collective responsibility. It is our privilege to make this commitment.

Last updated: 2016-12-22