Evidence framework 2016

Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit RIMU
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit RIMU
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The Auckland Council’s Evidence Framework supports the development of high quality, robust evidence focusing on important strategic priority areas. It enables us to respond to changing and emerging issues and provides a platform for innovation, business improvement, and enhanced organisational effectiveness. It also helps to maximise strategic alliances and collaboration and improves visibility by explaining and mobilising knowledge. Addressing the issues and questions outlined in this Evidence Framework will:

- Continue to improve the quality of the evidence used and the advice it underpins so we can more fairly evaluate trade-offs when they arise

- Improve access to relevant evidence required by elected members and the community in order to support better decision-making and improved outcomes

- Maximise the value from our investment in evidence, our specialists and strategic partnerships

- Increase our preparedness and planning for risks, new and emerging priorities and potential threats.

The Evidence Framework is arranged into four themes: Environment; People; Economy; and Land use and infrastructure. Woven throughout, but also with a dedicated lens, is evidence related to Māori, which is further explained in a fifth theme, Māori research, evaluation and monitoring. Themes are overlapping and should not be considered as unconnected areas of interest.

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Last updated: 2016-11-23