International approaches to providing for business and housing needs

Ministry for the Environment New Zealand, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment
Ministry for the Environment
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The purpose of this work is to provide a high-level desktop scan of selected approaches to managing/providing development capacity, particularly the direction that comes from the national or central level (or the state level). Development capacity refers to the capacity of land to be developed (or redeveloped) to its most optimal use given the planning controls and infrastructure capacity. It refers to the ability to develop ‘up’ as well as ‘out’. The regimes looked at have different terms for development capacity, but all encompass the concept of development opportunities provided in plans.

This paper looks at planning practices for providing development capacity for housing and business needs in the United Kingdom (UK), and two Australian states, Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). These places all have specific approaches to managing development capacity and supporting the provision of sufficient development capacity for housing and business needs. 

Last updated: 2016-09-30