Upper North Island key sector trends to 2015 and labour forecasts to 2020: sector analysis and forecasts

Andrew Whiteford, Benje Patterson, David Kennedy, Infometrics, Jason Leung-Wai, MartinJenkins, Shaun Twaddle, Stephen Knuckey, Tim Borren
Upper North Island Strategic Alliance, UNISA
Publication date:

Full report. At the end of August 2015, Upper North Island (UNI) councils commissioned MartinJenkins and Infometrics to:

- identify criteria for selecting key industry sectors for the UNI and identify a subset of such sector

- identify value chains for these sectors and the extent of connectedness across the UNI

- identify emerging constraints to and opportunities for growth of these sectors

- develop growth scenarios for the sectors in the UNI region and forecast the demand and supply of labour and skills for these sectors, taking into account demographic, economic and technological trends

- identify and assess actions that could be taken to improve the matching of supply and demand by reviewing existing skill-based initiatives in the selected sectors in the region

- allow UNI councils to understand the extent to which the UNI operates as an economic unit and, as a result, the extent to which it is important that industry development decisions are made within a UNI context for the success of New Zealand and individual regions and cities.

Last updated: 2016-07-01