The governance of Auckland: 5 years on. Summary

AUT Policy Observatory, David Shand, Grant Duncan, Ian Shirley, Julienne Molineaux, Natalie Jackson, Nick Lewis
Policy Observatory, AUT; Committee for Auckland
Publication date:

The report is focused on the governance of Auckland Council and its performance five years on from its establishment as a unitary authority. This structure encompasses the mayor and councillors (the governing body), the local boards, and Council-Controlled Organisation (CCOs). The analysis did not extend to the council administration, notwithstanding the key role of administration in formulating policy and delivering services. The Committee will consider conducting a review of the council administration as a second report, given the importance of the council knowledge platform, its decision-making and its flow of information. However, such a probe would benefit from a more embedded period of council operation in the unitary era. This 5-year-on report looks at the context of Auckland’s radical governance restructure, including the region’s economic, cultural and social history. It uses the reform’s foundation documents as yardsticks in relation to council identity, purpose and impact. Those documents are the report of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance (2009) and Making Auckland Greater (2009), the government’s response to the former report. This report addresses the question: has the new council structure delivered on the aims of the reforms?

Last updated: 2016-05-11