Temporary migration and urban incorporation in Auckland

Francis Leo Collins
University of Auckland, Geography
Publication date:

Over the last two decades there has been a significant growth in people holding temporary work and study visas in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland. This growth has occurred because subsequent New Zealand governments have created new visa categories for temporary workers and promoted the growth of international education as an economic sector and a pathway to immigration for some. There are now more than 250,000 work and study visas approved annually in New Zealand. By contrast, permanent residence approvals have remained between 40,000 and 50,000 annually over the last fifteen years. This research involved a survey of 891 people holding temporary visas in Auckland including 457 international students, 170 working holidaymakers and 158 work visa holders. The survey was supplemented with biographical interviews with 60 individuals within three categories: international students in the workforce; people on job search visas or in employment after completing New Zealand qualifications; and work visa holders who had not studied in New Zealand.

Last updated: 2016-04-19