Non-residential buildings consented - by value

Statistics New Zealand Building Consents

The value of works for non-residential buildings in Auckland for the year ending December 2015 was $1.28 Billion. Keywords: Consents




Building consent data for Auckland is freely available on Statistics New Zealand’s Infoshare website.


Data is total for calendar years ending December. Data is in nominal dollars (ie not 'real', so not inflation-adjusted). Consents are for new buildings only, not alterations. Actual values rather than seasonally adjusted.


A good understanding of trends in business land use and commercial development in the region is fundamental to the region's ability to deliver services and to plan for the future.


Note that much of the increase over the longer-term period is due to inflation.

Non-residential buildings consented - by value

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Year ending DecemberValue of building work ($)
2000 583,556,579
2001 641,288,869
2002 621,376,284
2003 681,172,598
2004 1,033,299,363
2005 1,059,206,299
2006 1,057,919,711
2007 975,563,838
2008 1,166,739,871
2009 1,140,606,079
2010 859,275,055
2011 991,308,964
2012 877,470,501
2013 929,785,502
2014 1,154,530,890
Last updated: 2016-11-22

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