A healthy start for a healthy life

Auckland University
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28 March 2018, 6:00pm - 28 March 2018, 8:30pm
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University of Auckland, Fale Pasifika, 20 Wynyard St, Auckland
Professor Sir Peter Gluckman | Professor Frank Bloomfield | Associate Professor, Katie Groom

Liggins Public Lecture

In the 17 years since it opened, the Liggins Institute has changed the face of healthcare for mothers and babies in New Zealand and around the world.

Today our scientists are still investigating how to give ALL babies a healthy start to life, with new discoveries being made every year. From identifying the best time to diagnose gestational diabetes to exploring how best to feed preterm babies, researchers at the Liggins Institute are constantly testing the factors that set us up for a healthy life.

You’ll hear from founding director Professor Sir Peter Gluckman about the breakthroughs the institute has made, and from current director Professor Frank Bloomfield about how we translate our research into clinical practice. Our newest Associate Professor, Katie Groom, will demonstrate how a clinical trial works in practice as she presents the latest findings for a possible treatment for growth restricted babies.

You'll be hosted by outstanding PhD candidate, Elsie Jacobson, who is investigating what happens to your DNA when immune cells respond to infection.

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