Seabird monitoring and restoration

5 March 2018
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
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Korora little penguin Jingjin Zhang 2017 

Korora or little penguin (Eudyptula minor iredalei). Photograph by Jingjing Zhang

Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit research project.

Seabirds are well known as ‘ecosystem engineers’ connecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems, but are also renowned as the most threatened group of birds in the world. Auckland is a well-known seabird hotspot with 27 species breeding in the greater area, however most are ‘at risk’ or ‘threatened’ with extinction. This project’s major aims are to identify what seabirds are breeding at what locations in the region, how well are they breeding there, and what threats exist so that restoration and management actions can be developed and implemented.

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Korora little penguin Jingjin Zhang 2017
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